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Six Months has passed

Luke is now six months old and continues to grow every day. In the last six months he has grown 6 inchs up to 27.5in tall and has gained 11lbs to 18.5lbs. He had his first tooth come in this week and the doctor said that four more are on the way. He are a few pictures over the last few weeks.

?Luke was out keeping everyone safe.

Like father like son
In the bouncer with Uncle Markie
Riding cows at the Fair
I voted today
And just hanging out


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Trick or Treat (aka, More Candy!)

Emerson had a great time trick or treating, once she figured out that there was free candy involved!


Thanks Aunt Laurie, I LOVE my pj's and new book!?

I don't know what people did before digital cameras...this is shot 40 (at least)...but it's a great one!?


Leading the pack...more candy, more candy!!?


And her favorite number, TWO PLEASE!?



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Happy Halloween!

The boys get ready to head out and collect candy!? As Isaac says "Wock yo door!"


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Mark makes headlines!


Make beer, taste it, clean up. What's not to like?

In our new 'Maine at Work' series, writer Ray Routhier pays a visit to Portland's Shipyard Brewing Co.

PORTLAND ? Mark Boissonneault is standing about 20 feet from a giant
brick tank of boiling beer ? as wide as your average one-stall garage,
but taller ? and there's a roaring flame, visible and audible,
underneath... (read more here)


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They Grow Up Too Fast

Emerson made her second visit to the Spencer Fair this Holiday weekend.


First, a picture from last year's visit:



And now, she is ready to drive herself. She actually looked at us, said "buh byes" with a cute little wave, turned around, grabbed the keys and her purse and was off. We're just thankful she can't figure out the gas pedal (or the door knob) just yet.?




She had a great time checking out all the ducks, chickens and roosters. We even witnessed our first rooster crowing contest.?


Emme and Papa heading to the geese and ducks


Stopping for some good ole fair food. Everything is better with ketchup!?


Feeding the Llamas, after spending lots of quarters on feeding sheep and goats!!?




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