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Week 2 and Still Learning!

Wow, already almost 2 weeks old! So many things have already changed. Just as we feel we have the feeding thing down, Emerson seems to throw us a new curve. We had a very helpful consultation with a feeding specialist and feel it is probably the best money we've ever spent. However once she began to feed well, she didn't want to stop, causing this little problem where she wasn't able to allow herself to sleep. So after a 3 hour digestion session (a very uncomfortable one) she was able to sleep like a champ. We read an article on how the only thing constant about newborns is change. How true it is!

On the bright side, she seems to really like her sleep at night and it is not uncommon to have a 3-4 hour sleep session that starts near Midnight. Mama and Papa definitely appreciate that!

Emerson visited the preschool classes this week and was a huge hit. All of the kids commented on how small she was. It's hard to believe that she'll be their size in no time :)


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1 Week Old

Emerson is one week old today! It's been a busy week with all of us learning so much about each other. She met her pediatrician this week and was given a clean bill of health. Her homework was to gain as much weight as possible. So we've all been working on that. Who would of thought that something as simple as eating could be such a difficult task.

Here are a few more pictures of her from this week. We'll keep everyone up to date.

Nikki & Ray


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Emerson Maria Boissonneault

Hi everyone. We got home from the hospital at about 1:00 this afternooon. Everything is going as well as can be expected. She's feeding pretty well and seems to sleep well after feeding. Can't ask for too much more for now :) I've attached a couple of pictures that we had on our camera.

We'll be seeing you all soon!

Love Ray & Nikki

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